These are the memories of my favourite days at school

I remember my parents reading me this book among others So the license plate LPR could turn into "leper" or "leaper. As well as how to help create positive memories for a child. No wonder Lord of the Flies was my favourite book at that time. Another fond memory that has nothing to do with my parents that was when I was a wee one was in kindergarden.

My favourite activity was night line!

Favorite School Memories

I really like art and I learned my 3 and 4 times tables and lots of Spanish too. He treated me as a little adult. Me and my Dad would "bum around town". I'm not sure how this came about, except I think it was cobbled together from my early attempts to read hardware-store circulars and condiment labels.

My mom would crack up, and we all loved it. My mother would go through "fall cleaning" in mid-October and have every window open removing screens and replacing them with storm windows.

We were in 10th Standard,when our Principal out of respect for Class teacher and actually our Class Teacher was the only person in whole school whom we were afraid of decided to take History Classes for us Normally Principal never took classes ….

I was nearly hysterical with worry about the baby bird, so my dad called around until he found someone who took birds in. I picked out a necklace in the Black Hills with my allowance money when I was seven.

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Eventually we'd end up at a park right on the Halifax River with a path over and around this little pond with waterlilies. My Mum asked me how it happened, I explained it was because of the teacher, not because I didn't study hard enough. For the first half of elementary school, I had lots of alone time with him during summer vacation since my siblings slept in a lot and my mother worked days and he would make pbj crackers and we would watch Nick Jr.

Sneaking around the corridors…. I was allowed to order whatever I wanted. Friday nights we went to the video rental store, rented one of the Fairie Tale Theatre movies, ordered pizza, and got to drink soda.

School was like my first home…. I hope this doesn't get deleted as Chatfilter So two of our seniors had been called in to keep our class in control….

My mom didn't approve of this fond example of bad parenting so eventually she took me out, swatted my bottom and gave me 5 minutes to finish crying.

My grandparents lived a couple hundred miles from us and so on the long car trips my mom would have a special stash of goodies like comic books and usually forbidden junk food that she would hand out at certain stops along the way.

She listened to everything I said with no interruptions, and I know I talked about the most mundane shit, but she smiled the whole time. I got a half-dozen clams on the half shell, much to the amusement of the waitress. They didn't make me feel like a failure or said "it's all your fault" or "told you so" or kept reminding me of my mistakes.

Treasured School Memories We have captured some treasured memories from our children in Year 4 who are about to leave us to start the next phase of their school life. She would gently nudge me toward choosing friends I hadn't chosen yet, but it was always my decision who got the extra lifesaver.

On long drives to wherever we went on vacations, my dad would let us, one by one, drive the damn car. I learned lots of new art techniques. I guess I'm partly trying to understand why some things stick in our minds, to become happy memories, and others don't.

Only experience, good and bad and everything in between, gives you such perspective. Those were some careless days…. I liked it when we went to the farm in Year 3. My dad must have bought them and 'deployed' them on his lunch hour.

When I was really little he would let me stand on his lap so I could see better.

It was probably three miles or so, but again, when you are a kid it seemed like a cross-country trek. My mom would always come in to observe the classroom for a day in the early years of elementary school.

Were your school days the happiest of your life – or a nightmare?

We seldom listened to teachers so listening to seniors was out of question …. I liked learning maths a lot because it is my favourite subject. Finally Kamath Miss got all pissed off…. My parents also read aloud to us and helped make us love reading and that bugs and snails are not gross but interesting and worthy of study.This week's topic is Favorite School Memories.

Come and share yours with us! #5after5 #linkup. I read some great books in these classes in High School. College My fondest school memories are of College and the friendships that I made there. Some of these people are still my closest friends 🙂 Official Motivated Days Top!

Search for. I would just do anything to go back to my school days, sit in my classroom, play flames and tic tac toe with my friends, exchange juicy gossip on who has a crush on whom.

I'm sure there are a zillion other memories that we have about our childhood school. Nov 14,  · Whenever anyone asks me what was the best and the worst moments in your answer always zeroes down to the same,the best moments in my life were spent in my worst moment in my life was when I had grown up so old that I could no longer go to school.I know normally kids hate school They get all sorts of.

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Bledsoe | Spiral-bound. What are your favorite memories of elementary school? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 31 Answers. Elsa Kristian, My favourite memory was finally reaching Canberra.

I can imagine your reactions: yes, but a lot of it was that I was difficult to deal with. I'm on the autism spectrum and have ADHD (or whatever it is these days). Thanks to this. These are the memories of my favourite days at school.

The monotony of waking up every morning at dawn and sleeping only at midnight was a norm for me. My parents perpetually bombarded me with advice on how to endure this painstaking year of commitment to the books.

These are the memories of my favourite days at school
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