Similarities and differences between japanese and european feudalism essay

So, if instead of a shield and sword we match a knight with a longsword or greatsword against the katana armed samurai this could make a significant difference.

Interestingly, while the European concept of physical fitness among knights by the 15th century emphasized the classical Greco-Roman youthful physique of a narrow waist and broad shoulders on a lean frame, the Japanese ideal was one of a more mature man having a wider base and broader middle —no doubt reflecting the natural ethnographic characteristics of each race, but also influencing the fighting techniques they employed.

These back edge cuts make up a significant portion of how the straight longsword was wielded and have seldom been appreciated or correctly demonstrated. The church also had great influence in shaping feudalism; although the organization of the church was not feudal in character, its hierarchy somewhat paralleled the feudal hierarchy.

The Shield We must consider whether the knight in this hypothetical duel will be armed in the familiar shield and short sword style or will use only a single long-sword? But as a curved blade with an especially keen edge, the katana is superior in the potential use of quick, short slices.

Still, it is an intriguing comparison to ponder objectively. We might want to just assume that each of our ideal combatants has been informed to some degree regarding the other and therefore mentally prepared and composed.

While the Chinese food is spicy and involves a lot of frying and cooking, the Japanese food is far less spicy, and has very subtle flavours compared to other local foods in Asia, as exemplified with Sushi, one of the most well known Japanese dishes.

Feudalism in Europe and Japan

Essays about environment Essays about environment life experiences essays hispantelligence research paper under fire barbusse analysis essay sentences for reflective essays on nursing. Either way, with its especially sharp edge, a katana is not employed quite like this.

After all, we should not forget that despite the katana's vaunted cutting ability, the samurai were able to successfully rely on their armors as defense against it. While courage is important, fighting spirit alone is insufficient. Will the samurai be wearing the older box-like Muromachi armor and armed with a tachi blade?

Japanese and European feudal systems are different because of their social mobility, distribution of power and land, and land ownership in fighting classes.

Rounded arches were established, thicker walls were built and the style became more simplistic.

A Comparison Between the Feudalism in Europe and Japan

All rights are reserved. Although, we can't discount physiology as a factor and this reasonably would be an advantage for the European 16th century samurai armor examples are sized for men around 5'3"-5'5", while European armor from the same period and earlier would fit men ranging from just under 6' to about 6'5".

In the course of striking at one another, a chance blow by either side could possibly end the fight. So, given the complexities of the question of what kind of knightly arms and armor from what period we could consider in a hypothetical knight-samurai encounter, it might be easier to just imagine an unarmored duel, sword against sword, without shields.

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It's adept in unarmored cut and thrust fighting where the slightest wound from its keen edge could perhaps sever a hand or disabled an arm.

In Japan the feudal system was well ordered before the 10th cent. In comparison, Japan has remained isolated from external influence for the majority of its recorded history - a factor, which, along with its smaller size has allowed Japan to have a far more homogenous society.Research paper statement of the problem bonjour tristesse analysis essay trisaccharides analysis essay similarities and differences between japanese and european feudalism essay irony in essay introduction kobe bryant leadership essay papers lyric essay magazines shock essays, article 90 ucmj essay robert brown west dissertation brampton.

Dec 16,  · Best Answer: Hello Comparing Japanese and Western European Feudalism Feudalism, beginning in Western Europe and later appearing in Japan, is the system of government in which nobles have certain owed loyalties to the king, in return for Status: Resolved.

What Are Some Similarities Between Japanese and European Feudalism

May 18,  · There are similarities and differences between Japanese and European feudalism. Both seem to have developed from a blending of concepts of centralized imperial rule with traditional tribal organization and personal bonds of Resolved.

Jun 25,  · The difference is the culture, like European art is based on God but Japan's art is on nature.

A Comparison of Feudal Europe and Japan

Different religions, of course. Haiku is common in Japan- which is in early Japanese or Chinese, while European is mostly Latin and some Resolved. Similarities And Differences Of Characters In The Sound And The Fury Similarities and differences between two essays Differences and similarities with Nazism similarities and differences in ancient civilizations The Similarities And Differences Of Batista's And Castro's Affects O The Similarities And Differences That Swastika Had For Two Of The.

HOME Free Essays Compare and contrast of feudal systems in Japan and Europe. Although Japan and Europe had similarities in their warriors, weaponry, and socio political stratification, the treatment of women varied in each region.

Japanese and european feudalism?

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Similarities and differences between japanese and european feudalism essay
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