Publishing your undergraduate thesis

The right supervisor is as important as the right project: Results and discussion The results and discussion are very often combined in theses. Exercise is good for keeping you appetite at a healthy level. Use appropriate statistical tests. Undergraduate Dissertation Writing Tips: A note about word processors One of the big FAQs for scientists: So set yourself a deadline and stick to it.

Once you have an outline, discuss it with your adviser. Your thesis will also be used as a scientific report and consulted by future workers in your laboratory who will want to know, in detail, what you did.

In some cases, one or two of them may be irrelevant. When you are reporting your own theoretical work, you must include rather more detail, but you should consider moving lengthy derivations to appendices. Or you may think of something interesting or relevant for that chapter.

Declaration Check the wording required by your institution, and whether there is a standard form. Consult the following webpage for ordering information: The Benefits of Publishing as an Undergraduate Posted on by Anna Trammell Writing an article and going through the peer review and editing processes can be difficult and time-consuming.

Depositing Your Undergraduate Thesis in the Rice Digital Scholarship Archive

Is it easy to follow? Many undergraduate researchers have the opportunity to be a co-author on a professional journal article. It is often the case with scientific investigations that more questions than answers are produced.

Undergraduate Programs

Another useful undergraduate and early career journal for those interested in geography and distributions. You should also have a physical filing system: The system at many Finnish universities is similar.

If any of your data exist only on paper, copy them and keep the copy in a different location. On the order of a hundred is reasonable, but it will depend on the field. You might as well rehearse explaining it to someone else — after all you will probably give several talks based on your thesis work.

By sharing your findings with a wider, general audience beyond your own discipline, you are effectively closing the circle on your accomplishments. But I wonder — do you have any suggestions or techniques that worked for you? Going through these steps will improve writing and research skills that will be useful in graduate studies or a professional career.

Excesses, however, are obviously counter-productive: For this section, I think that it is a good idea to ask someone who is not a specialist to read it and to comment. Towards the end, you will even find yourself enjoying it — an enjoyment based on satisfaction in the achievement, pleasure in the improvement in your technical writing, and of course the approaching end.

How does it fit into the broader world of your discipline? In many cases, all of the interesting and relevant data can go in the thesis, and not just those which appeared in the journal. The paper has to have been written in the 16 months prior to the essay deadline.

Present and Publish

Even for native speakers of English who write very well in other styles, one notices an enormous improvement in the first drafts from the first to the last chapter written.

Are there ways in which your work could be improved by future workers? At this stage, think hard about the logic of the presentation: You should not lose fitness or risk illness at this critical time.

The origin and intercepts are often important so, unless the ranges of your data make it impractical, the zeros of one or both scales should usually appear on the graph. Use the first person singular, not plural, when reporting work that you did yourself: What do the equations mean?

Most undergraduates who enroll in research for credit are interested in completing an independent project that results in an undergraduate thesis. A one bit i. I know that you have little time for cooking, but keep a supply of fresh fruit, vegetables and bread.Lambert Academic Publishing (or How Not to Publish Your Thesis) [Updated Marchsee update below] Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP) is an imprint of Verlag Dr Muller (VDM), a publisher infamous for selling cobbled-together "books" made up of Wikipedia articles mainly un der their Alphascript Publishing imprint.

Publishing Your First Journal Article: an Academic Publisher’s view – 1 Perhaps your idea is part of your finished, or unfinished, thesis.

Perhaps you’re finding that researching and writing your PhD is lonely work, and would like feedback from referees to help you focus.

Your knowledge has value. Share it! With ISBN, worldwide.

Publish Your Work Undergraduate students can publish in peer reviewed journals! Here are a few examples of journals that are meant specifically for undergraduate student submissions. Mar 23,  · Don’t do it until you are famous philosopher and also dead. Hide it well and then let it be discovered.

Publish it as the “laterst book by yours truly” – make some green. Share what you’ve discovered or created!Consider publishing your work in one of the many Penn-based undergraduate journals. provides an extensive index of undergraduate publishing outlets. If you have written a senior thesis.

Undergraduate Research Travel Grant for Conference Presentations The SIRE program provides support for undergraduates who are presenting their research at professional conferences in their field.

Applications for up to $ in funds to cover travel costs.

Publishing your undergraduate thesis
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