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Engulfed by Roman civilization, the Romans referred to the Mediterranean as mare nostrum "our sea," Latin. This coin from the Kushan Empire in central Asia depicts a god using a stirrup to ride a horse, c. These "official" beliefs of Christianity, called orthodoxy, were enforced by the state.

To some degree, the new practice of Hinduism took on some of the characteristics of Mahayana Buddhism. Supported by the Roman state, Christianity was propelled into a significant role in world history.

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Alan terry dissertation essayistischer fanindra ketkar essay. As the Roman Catholic Church grew in power and prestige, Germanic kings converted to Catholicism in order to reinforce their political power.

Based as it was upon the Christian religion, the empire could not afford to tolerate alternate opinions about important Christian doctrines.

Pepper, cotton textiles, and dye became lucrative commodities on this maritime network. Absolutely central to this spiritual calling was a monastic life and the rejection of all possessions, except a modest robe and a begging bowl.

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The message of Jesus became The Way or the Dao and saints were referred to as buddhas. Even though they offered a religious path around the official priests, the ways taught in the Upanishads were hard.

As major world religions spread from one area into another they adapted to local circumstances and preexisting traditions. Roman laws were now enforced across the region, providing a consistent legal system.

The volume of trade increased dramatically as the classical empires formed. Not surprisingly, silk took on a sacred meaning in Buddhist and Christian rituals.

Hinduism We saw in Key Concept 2.

Mediterranean trade routes essay writing

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A major consequence of this trade was the diffusion of Greek culture across the Trade reached a high point in this era when the entire Mediterranean region was united under Roman civilization.

Buddhism did not seem as foreign as it actually was. The major networks of trade that developed in the classical age were influenced by economic, cultural, environmental, and geographic factors.

The patterns of monsoon winds remain constant each year allowing merchants to time their departures for maximum efficiency. More generally, Buddhism delivered people from the harshness of the Hindu caste system.There was much diversity between Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean trade.

For example, in the Mediterranean, sailors used square sails and long banks oars to. major trade network during the classical period developed in the Mediterranean Sea.

Maritime trade routes, unlike land-based routes such as the Silk Roads, were better suited for heavy and bulky items.

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Mediterranean trade routes essay writer
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