This suggests that patterns in a language can indeed play a causal role in constructing how we think.

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The next release would be Beta 1, planned for July 19th. Changes from RFC Tut novju jazika imenijt Slovio, i es plus prostju dla ucxenie cxem libktor inju Slaviansk jazika ili cxem Angloio, Germanio ili Espanio.

Localization or translation of language tag and subtag descriptions is out of scope of this document. This release is the first Release Candidate for 7. For example, indicating specific information about the dialect, writing system, or orthography used in a document or resource may enable the user to obtain information in a form that they can understand, or it can be important in processing or rendering the given content into an appropriate form or style.

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RFC Language Tag Syntax Subtags designated for private use as well as private use sequences introduced by the 'x' subtag are available for cases in which no assigned subtags are available and registration is not a suitable option. What we have learned is that people who speak different languages do indeed think differently and that even flukes of grammar can profoundly affect how we see the world.

Distribution of this memo is unlimited. In Russian there is no single word that covers all the colors that English speakers call "blue. Macrolanguage Field The field 'Macrolanguage' contains a primary language subtag whose record appears in the registry.

The following rules apply to the region subtags: For example, they might use 'el-x-koine' for documents in the "common" style while using 'el-x-attic' for other documents that mimic the Attic style.

Da, egzistili neskolk razlicxju probkas tvorit vse-Slaviansk jazika, no do rodenie Sloviof niktor iz tot proektis ne bil zakoncilju. But Mandarin speakers often point vertically, about seven or eight times more often than do English speakers.

History of the Basque language Basque is geographically surrounded by Romance languages but is a language isolate unrelated to them, and indeed, to any other language in the world.


When I was in high school I learned Esperanto, but found that it brought me few results. Results are shown fifty to a page. Latin inscriptions in Gallia Aquitania preserve a number of words with cognates in the reconstructed proto-Basque languagefor instance, the personal names Nescato and Cison neskato and gizon mean "young girl" and "man", respectively in modern Basque.

Slovio rodil vo internet, slovio es produkt internetuf, i umozxijt plus prostju komunikacia dla vse narodis, dla vse ludis nasx planetuf. Registration Procedure for Subtags. The next release would be Beta 1, planned for August 2nd.

However in my frequent business trips to Russia I found myself at a disadvantage. The Thai search has four modes and the English search has three.Rosetta Stone is the best way to learn a foreign language.

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The award-winning language solution combines proven learning methods with. Language: Language is a system of conventional spoken, manual, or written symbols by which individuals express themselves.

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The best online resource for English as a second or foreign language (ESL / EFL), English exercises and activities, online English lessons with native speakers of English. I don’t usually make “kids today” posts, but this Guardian piece by Eleanor Ainge Roy boggles my mind. New Zealand high school students have demanded examiners ignore that they don’t know what the word “trivial” means, after it appeared in a final-year exam and left many confused.

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