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While Wal-Mart very early on focused on controlling costs by mastering its supply chain in innovative ways that included sophisticated, pioneering use of product, consumer behavior, and sales performance tracking technology, Kmart was late to recognize that such technology could be useful, and never really bought totally into the concept.

SuperTarget stores include deli and meat departments and a bakery. All three stores provide some type of financial services. The stores are clean, the atmosphere is calm, the employees are obliging, and the products seem well made. Their website also sells products from online vendors, just like Amazon or Ebay.

Now with three young kids she remains a regular contributor to Cheapism. Consumers posting on SiteJabber direct positive feedback toward the brick-and mortar store more often than the website. Indeed, at Walmart we found that many clothes were less fashion-forward and some were geared toward trade workers e.

They're more 'fun' than the other two, from their free rewards program to their blue light specials and their overall cheerful and informal vibe. Customers in 33 states and Washington DC can opt for home delivery of maintenance medications, day prescriptions, and diabetic supplies. That is, customers can buy groceries in addition to housewares, auto and office supplies, cleaning products, jewelry, clothing, and more.

Born the same year,and aimed at serving the same cost-conscious classes, Kmart appeared for the first 25 years to be the clear winner. Go to their website and their stores to see what I mean- it's the antithesis of the utilitarian warehouse vibe of Walmart.

Despite one customer's assertion that "Walmart is the cheapest across the board for everything, especially groceries," the items on our list milk, cereal, and peanut butter were cheapest at Target: Of seven lanes, only one was open with a line of people waiting to be served.

I too am a Target junkie.

Walmart vs. Kmart

While shopping, we assessed each store's organization, inventory presentation, customer service, and cleanliness. The laptop we were interested in was in a locked case with the box turned so that only one side faced out; it happened to show the return information and not the specifications.

Kmart and Target have more aggressively wooed fashion-conscious consumers with exclusive celebrity and designer lines. Kmart suffers in comparison. And, they also gain those valuable job skills so they can find a better job. Additionally, we evaluated the pharmacy, health, and vision services at each store.

George wrote on January We dont hate them, you stupid moron, we disagree with their practices. We had trouble locating any employee and it seemed that whenever we did spot one, their response was to turn and walk the other way.We break down the demographics of shoppers at Walmart, Target, Kohl's, Kmart, and Aldi.

We break down the demographics of shoppers at Walmart, Target, Kohl's, Kmart, and Aldi. By comparison.

Walmart vs. Target vs. Kmart Prices

Online Stock Comparison - Compare Walmart Inc. (WMT) to four other stocks with's stock comparison tool. Mar 26,  · I can even compare Target to Walmart or Kmart.

Walmart, Target, Kmart Showdown

They are all discount stores, but the quality of merchandise Target has and its general cleanliness surpasses that of the other two. Report as inappropriate. Comparison Between Wal-Mart and Kmart By: Shufa Shujaat Roll # 34 Wal-Mart store Inc.

The largest retailer and the largest company in terms of revenue. The most obvious difference was size: Target store's fresh produce department was a tiny fraction of the size of Walmart's and the assortment was very limited in comparison.

Size. As a millennial who has worked at Walmart and knowing peers at the "opposing" Target, I can tell you that size is the main difference.

But it's not that Target wants to be as large as Walmart.

Compare walmart target kmart
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