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He then had a stint as a Fuller Brush salesman before going to work as an inspector for an agency that investigated potentially risky policies for insurance companies. Most of the thirty or so sketches and stories are about English characters in English settings.


In the 20th century the environmental exploitation shifted from direct degradation to indirect degradation. Perhaps the first great economic boom that altered the Trapps the need for raw materials to support this new growth.


Brooklyn's historian takes us back to a sweeter time - Luna Park, Coney Island and Subways, the last of Ebbets Field and the Brooklyn Dodgers - with a brilliant entertaining text and hundreds of nostalgic photos.

Meet Elbert, a beagle, and Leopoldina, a goose, who have a great adventure in Delaware County. The story of the Southern Catskills; this often neglected region from its earliest settlers, its tanneries, its first guides, the demise of the passenger pigeon and discovery of a previously unknown bird, the introduction of deer and the visits of famous people, to the coming of the Ulster and Delaware railroad and the dawn of the tourism era, epitomized by the Grand Hotel above Pine Hill.

Catskill Hotels, with a collection of some two hundred images, tells the story of this world, which began with America's first resort hotel, the Catskill Mountain House, continued with places such as the world-famous Grossinger's, and can still be found today at Kutsher's Country Club, the Mountain House at Lake Mohonk, and a few other hardy resorts.

For folk music, under the auspices of the Library of Congress folk song archive, John and Alan Lomax first went to the South in recording folk songs, reels, and obscure country blues by performers, some of whom had never left their locality.

In Catskill country : collected essays on mountain history, life, and lore

The work of the WPA marked a trend that had witnessed folklorists and collectors set out to explore the treasures that existed within America's cultural undergrowth. When the fighting was over, the valley lay in ruins and as much as two-thirds of its population lay dead or had been displaced.

During this period, America was becoming a more fluid society, with African Americans and rural whites from the South migrating to the urban centers of the North and the Midwest. The term, which derives from the name of a beet soup popular with people of Eastern European origin, can also refer to the Catskill region itself.

Some hardy pioneers, explorers and traders followed over the next several decades, leaving their imprint on the region in placenames, but generally not settling the region to a significantly greater extent than the Indians did. This collection of poetry combines a deep knowledge of the nature essays of John Burroughs and the Catskill landscape with the sensibility of a gifted poet.

Crane and Lee J. Clearwater was a particularly interesting endeavor. When Rip Van Winkle sleeps for twenty years, he sleeps through the American Revolution and awakens into an independent nation.

An informative and entertaining guide to the rich resources available at fifty small, often overlooked, regional museums. Yet, at the same time, it is a rarely companionable book.

History of the Catskill Mountains

This book will explain the geological history of the Catskills in a way that is informative and entertaining, and also act as a guide to places where that history can be seen and even felt.

By the s, the AFS had branches in cities across the United States, eclipsing by far similar organizations in Europe. It tells the story of the musicians, performers and musicologists who contributed creativity, zeal and scholarship to Camp Woodland's summer programs as well as their legacy of collected traditional music.

This is an impressive undertaking, making a century of the development and growth of the Hudson River Valley appear in clear side-by-side photographs.

Another hero whose quest follows this pattern is Rip Van Winkle. Typically, the epic begins with the hero being forced to leave his home and setting off into the wilderness where he meets new and threatening people and engages in battles or contests with them.

As independent women like Marion Bullard challenged the status quo to build a better community. Situated on the east end of Long Island, NY, this town's history begins in the colonial 17th century when the English settled it.

As concrete sidewalks replaced bluestone, the industry declined [until recently] Where did Lincoln and Grant lie in state?

The Jordan family produces maple syrup ever year and it is important to have "A Good Run! The Catskills were an exciting world full of pleasures to be enjoyed, with summer and winter activities characterized by entertainment, food, sports, card playing and food again.

Alf Evers, 99, Historian of the Catskills

Gardens everywhere - from vest pocket gardens to botanical gardens - New York has s of them, unexcelled in variety and theme. Selected images of actual pages from Delaware County autograph albums fill this amazing book. Lawrence Park explores the lives and art of these early Bronxville residents and describes the houses in which they lived.

This book is based on an exhibit the Meredith Historical Society put together in An exciting social history of the people and events that helped create Long Island, and a fitting tribute to one of the most historic areas of the United States.

Albert and Alfred Smiley, following the changing attitude, believed the mountains should be admired and enjoyed in the forms of recreation, rather than used industrially Snyder For more then three years, Bill Birns, of Fleischmanns, has explored the history, geography, art and culture of the Catskills in a weekly essay published in the Catskill Mountain News.

In layman's terms, this father and daughter team takes the reader on an exciting trek across the sands of time to explain the formation of the world we live in.These pieces of mine would appear in the Woodstock and Kingston papers on various Catskill mountain subjects.” (A collection of nineteen of Alf’s essays on regional history and folklore, In Catskill Country: Collected Essays on Mountain History, Life and Lore, is in print.

And Alf is all over the internet! More history of the Van De Bogart's can be found in Alf Evers' History of Woodstock, NY and publised in the Woodstock Times May 26, An Appreciation of Alf Evers - Woodstock Journal Remembering Alf Evers Al these lines are more fully discussed and charted in the following chapters.

In Catskill Country: Collected Essays on Mountain History, Life, and Lore. Alf Evers. from: $ Book Reviews Briefly Noted Mountain Top Historical Society, Kaaterskill (Hensonville, NY. Black Dome Press character of the area to the railroad-resort history of the Clove.

In addition, an essay on the especially pastoral mountainlands; and high country life in New Zealand and Australia. Virginia Earle, a resident of New Haven.

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By Chloe McGuire. If you ever find yourself in the position to visit the Shawangunk (pronounced: SHOM-GUN) Mountains running through upstate New York, about 12 miles from the Hudson River and miles outside New York City, you absolutely must visit the scenic Trapps Gap (see Figure #1).

Shortly before he died, Mike Todd, the reknown Catskill Mountain bear hunter, woodsman, story-teller, and musician, shared the story of his life with Norman Studer. This book grew from those taped interviews and interviews with friends and neighbors of the old woodsman.

Catskill collected country essay history in life lore mountain
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