Brand portfolio and brand hierarchy

But, the branding of these resources can be highly problematic because of their association with academia. Fabrik created the name for its new e-navigation and compliance platform Fabrik has created an engaging student campaign for City University that extends beyond the traditional welcome pack While branding the new product out of innovation, the connection between the product and the company that develops it should not be weakened.

The fifth, and often the most overlooked stage, is the implementation of the final brand architecture, and its dissemination throughout the organisation. Unilever, primarily, has numerous local brands that are market leaders, which operate without any form of endorsement.

Builds strong individual brands for category dominance, this limits risk by containing brand reputation good for high risk industries This architecture focuses of the branding of multiple sub-brands while the primary brand gets little or no attention.

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Advantages of Using a Brand Portfolio When businesses try to run each of their brands completely separate from one another, confusion and inefficiency can prevail.

Managers must seek to maximize performance in specific attributes. Like so many other universities activities, commercialisation is increasingly about partnerships and devolution, and its implications for the university brand to demand a delicate touch in brokering the needs of different stakeholders.

High-End Prestige Brand A High-End Prestige Brand in the brand portfolio is the product offered at a high price with the intention of creating a sense of prestige in the minds of customers.

How to manage sub-brand and local brand proliferation through product brand endorsement, product extensions and form factors very relevant in the food business?

Brand Architecture

It consists of detailed internal description of exactly how the brand has been marketed and a thorough external investigation, through focus groups and other consumer research, of exactly what the brand does and could mean to consumers.

Brand name is not a product. Only offerings are included in the architecture. There are numerous definitions that have emerged over the years but all of them have a common thread in terms of addressing the principal tenet of brand architecture. How to integrate newly acquired brands into the portfolio in terms of relationships with product master brands and the corporate brand?

In the main the administrative side of the university is easier to brand than the academic side.

Brand Architecture

Hence while selecting brand name for a new product, the names which differentiate the product among its competitors must be chosen instead of those that describe what the product does. The brand is given proper support and that support is sustained over the long run.Brand architecture is part organisation and part military strategy, in other words brand architecture is about optimising the hierarchy, linkages, and roles of brands within the portfolio in support of the business strategy.

Influences of the hierarchy and architecture in the perception of consumers Lucas Jusé Garcia1, The hierarchy of the brand portfolio of companies, also known as brand architecture, is a key means brand hierarchy, and clarifies how the hierarchy of the brand set is, since it enables.

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Brand Product Matrix Products 1 A 2 3 .n Brands B C. Brand Product Relationship (brand line) Product Brand Relationship (product line) h Pai, Visiting Faculty, NMIMS University Brand Portfolio • Brand Line – Products within a brand (original +extensions) – Brand portfolio is a set of all brand lines targeted at various segments • Product line – Set of products with similar.

Conceptual analysis of brand architecture and relationships within product categories Received (in revised form): 4th September, managerial implications for marketing management and the impact of architecture on the brand hierarchy are also analysed.

product market structure and market dynamics. ing structure of the brand portfolio. Brand architecture template includes practical tips for developing and evaluating brand portfolio alternatives, including pros and cons analysis.

The template is designed to bring practicality and realism to brand architecture management vs. a. Choose a company that is characterize by its brand portfolio and brand hierarchy.

Do the strategies for both the brand portfolio and hierarchy seem to be appropriate? Does each brand fit the company’s brand.

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Brand portfolio and brand hierarchy
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